Need for Speed 2
Trucks etc.


School Bus
  • Year (est.): 1970's?
  • Top Speed: 80mph
  • Special: You can have it in any colour as long as it's yellow (apologies to Henry Ford :)
  • Remarks: It's one of the long school buses, so handbrake turns are spectacular. And you can pretend to be Sandra Bullock in Speed, how exciting.

Stretch Limo
  • Year (est.): 1993
  • Top Speed: 100mph
  • Special: Always white, and always very tacky.
  • Remarks: Black windows, six wheels, 40 feet long at least, a jacuzzi in the back (!) - if you ever wanted to be a chauffeur, here's your chance. If you ever wondered whether one of those things would flip end over end if it did a jump and was going fast enough - here's your chance :)

Semi / Juggernaut / Articulated Lorry
  • Year (est.): 1990
  • Top Speed: 100mph
  • Special: None
  • Remarks: "Breaker breaker, this is Rubber Duck, over!" "This is Wispy Insect, I hear you Rubber Duck, let's crash the gate, over!" "That's a big 10-4 Wispy, over and out". If you are Kris Kristofferson, stop growing your beard, get a PlayStation and relive those old days! If you aren't Kris Kristofferson, start growing a beard (yes, even you ladies), get in your semi and pretend to be him! If you've never heard of Kris Kristofferson, well, that's a big shame; maybe you should drive the semi and pretend to be a rubber duck with a beard. Or something. Over.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog (Army livery)
  • Year (est.): 1972
  • Top Speed: 65mph
  • Special: Only the cab can change colour.
  • Remarks: Anyone else remember the Unimog, or did I dream it? Anyway, I'm sure that's what this thing is. It's big and slow, but it is very good for biffing cars out of the way, if that's your thing.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog (Snow livery)
  • Year (est.): 1972
  • Top Speed: 65mph
  • Special: Only the cab can change colour.
  • Remarks: Same as above, except it's been somewhere snowy, or maybe someone painted fake snow on it as a hilarious joke. Or maybe it's not snow, but actually cuckoo spit. I think it's probably snow.

Monolithic Studios Tram
  • Year (est.): 1996
  • Top Speed: 45mph
  • Special: Always grey.
  • Remarks: Dull is the word that springs to mind, but wide and slow arrive not far behind. You won't spend much time with this one unless you decide to pump it up with the Pioneer upgrade, in which case you just might.

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