Need for Speed 2


Outhouse / Outside Toilet
  • Year (est.): 1925
  • Top Speed: 200mph
  • Special: Wood colour.
  • Remarks: Okay, this is a very fast toilet. It is a bit skittish, seeing as it has a very short wheelbase (okay, nowheelbase). It goes very well round corners though, and the sight of a an outside loo belting round a track is likely to give you a smile at least. I suppose if you were inside when it took off, at least you wouldn't have to worry about the possible bowel-related side effects anyway :)

  • Year (est.): 1989
  • Top Speed: 200mph
  • Special: Again, wood coloured.
  • Remarks: A very fast wooden box. If you ever had the urge to put a box on a main road, get inside and then look through a small hole as you are run over by lorries and the like (and who hasn't?), this is certainly going to be a dream come true.

  • Year (est.): 1768
  • Top Speed: 200mph
  • Special: Wood colour.
  • Remarks: Are you the Log Lady from Twin Peaks? If you would answer 'Yes I am!' to a question like that, then driving the log would probably be the pinnacle of your game-playing day. If not, well, it's still fun. The log is long, but the log is speedy. Beware of sharp corners, as the log does not have a sharp turn in. Beware of burly men in tartan skirts, as they may pick up the log whilst you are inside, and hurl you into a field. Ouch!

  • Year (est.): 1823
  • Top Speed: 50mph
  • Special: Wagon colour.
  • Remarks: You can pretend to be Creddy, the tramp guy from round Whittington, in his former years when his caravan still worked. Shave off your hair and walk round asking if you can sharpen anybody's knives, and you're off to a good start. Alternatively, you could pretend to be a very small wagon train who had got lost in time.

Souvenir Stand (open)
  • Year (est.): 1975
  • Top Speed: 200mph
  • Special: Open Souvenir Stand colour
  • Remarks: Drive round the track, find yourself a pitch, and try to sell your shoddy tourist trash to people who drive past. Don't be surprised if someone runs you over though, the locals don't like you entrepreneurs.

Souvenir Stand (closed)
  • Year (est.): 1975
  • Top Speed: 200mph
  • Special: Closed Souvenir Stand colour
  • Remarks: So you've closed up, have you? Very sensible. Don't take your eyes off the stand for a second though. The locals have big trucks, and they'll be out for your blood now they think you're off your guard.

Souvenir Stand with Canopy
  • Year (est.): 1975
  • Top Speed: 200mph
  • Special: Souvenir Stand with Canopy colour.
  • Remarks: Ah, that is an interesting device you've attached to the Souvenir Stand. Is it bullet-proof? I wouldn't hang around to find out.

Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Year (est.): Millions of years ago - or has he escaped?
  • Top Speed: 180mph
  • Special: Tyrannosaurus Rex colour.
  • Remarks: This is an enormous dinosaur. The view from atop his/her head (presumably this is where one sits) is quite awe inspiring, and the force with which (s)he boots cars out of the way is only surpassed by the force with which (s)he hits the ground moments later. Oddly, this seems to be a T.Rex on wheels - maybe even very large inline skates. Oh, and remember to try the horn on this one especially, and hold it down - fantastic!

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