Need for Speed 2

So. How many cars can you drive in NFS2? Eight, right, plus a bonus car? Nope. How about eleven more bonus cars for you? Plus six more vehicles, eight novelty objects and a dinosaur? Interested? Read on...

The codes should be entered into the 'Password' box, which can be accessed by selecting 'Options' followed by 'Password'.

First let's get the stuff you probably already know out of the way:

  • To get the bonus car, the Ford Indigo, enter LILZIP.
  • To get the bonus track, Monolithic Studios, enter SHOTME.

Now the slightly more obscure stuff:

  • For the Pioneer engine upgrade to be installed into your car, enter POWRUP.
  • For all the replay camera angles (plus a groovy overhead view) to be at your disposal during the race:
    1. Click 'Race' when you are ready.
    2. As the game loads, hold down L1, L2, R1, R2, Circle, Square, Cross and Triangle (in any order).
    3. When the course has loaded and the track appears, let go (but don't drop the controller, it doesn't do 'em any good :)
    4. You can now scroll through the views using the Change Camera button.

Time for.. Combocodes!

When you've taken a look at my detailed version of the codes, you'll no doubt want a quick one-page printable version of the codes to put beside your own plastic grey addiction machine.

Select: Cars* Trucks etc.* Novelties