Need for Speed 2
Car Codes


Audi 100 Quattro
  • Year (est.): 1990
  • Top Speed: 130mph
  • Special: None
  • Remarks: This could be an 80 or a 100, but I decided on the former on a hunch :)

BMW 525
  • Year (est.): 1995
  • Top Speed: 135mph
  • Special: None
  • Remarks: It's a bit slow, even for the bottom of the range model. Maybe it's a diesel.

Citröen 2CV6
  • Year (est.): 1986
  • Top Speed: 65mph
  • Special: None
  • Remarks: If you've ever been stuck behind a 'Tin Snail' you'll know what to expect (although turn it upside down and you can use it as a see-saw, I'm told). The funny thing about this car is that you could probably buy a real one for the price of the game. What a thought.

Jeep (original style)
  • Year (est.): 1990's
  • Top Speed: 101mph
  • Special: The canopy always stays beige.
  • Remarks: It's just the classic 4x4 machine it always was.

Jeep (truck)
  • Year (est.): 1995
  • Top Speed: 110mph
  • Special: None
  • Remarks: It's a pick-up truck. Ummmm. That's it.

Mazda MX-5 / Miata
  • Year (est.): 1996
  • Top Speed: 110mph
  • Special: None
  • Remarks: This car isn't desperately quick, but it does handle like it's on rails. It's possible to drive with your foot to the floor all the way round the Outback track, even that first really tight corner.

Mercedes-Benz 380SL
  • Year (est.): 1992
  • Top Speed: 140mph
  • Special: None
  • Remarks: I'm not absolutely sure of the model number; it's yer standard glam German ragtop poser's car :) It's pretty quick too.

Toyota Land-Cruiser
  • Year (est.): 1992
  • Top Speed: 100mph
  • Special: None
  • Remarks: Odd looking thing, this. I'm guessing it's a Land-Cruiser from the code, but anyone who can confirm or deny, drop me a mail me. It's got a lot of lights, anyway.

Volvo 740
  • Year (est.): 1996
  • Top Speed: 125mph
  • Special: None
  • Remarks: Yes indeed, you too can drive as if you are invincible! This big estate/station wagon will go fast enough to make the other drivers nervous, and handbrake turns look pretty cool.

Volkswagen 1303
  • Year (est.): 1973
  • Top Speed: 83mph
  • Special: None
  • Remarks: Whether you know it as a VW Beetle or a VW Bug, there's no denying that it's a 20th century icon, and now you can make it turn somersaults and be run over by enormous trucks.

Volkswagen Fastback
  • Year (est.): 1975
  • Top Speed: 101mph
  • Special: None
  • Remarks: The exotic, luxurious, quicker version of the Beetle/Bug. I always loved these cars, and.. umm.. I still do. I'm not convinced I want to own one though (unless I can have a Pioneer engine in mine :)

Volkswagen Camper
  • Year (est.): 1987
  • Top Speed: 95mph
  • Special: None
  • Remarks: Maybe you want to go on a road trip, maybe you just want to take your surfboard to the beach. Or maybe you want to drive a van off the edge of a cliff in Turkey, in which case you're in luck.

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